The “Waltraud Wiesinger Research Promotion Association in Psychotherapy for people with a congenital heart defect, their families and their systems” has the following aims:

  • to focus teaching and research in the science of psychotherapy especially on those people who live with a congenital heart defect, as well as their families and systems.
  • to gain essential knowledge of the anatomic, medical, psychosomatic and psychosocial foundations, giving a general idea of the complexity of the connections in order to enable more extensive psychotherapeutically method-specific treatments.
  • The association is devoted exclusively and directly to the welfare of the public in scientific purposes.

The association cordially invites your participation

If you are interested in supporting this project - e.g. if you are concerned yourself or are a relative, or because you consider the sponsorship meaningful and important - we will gladly welcome you as member, supporter, sponsor, patron…!

The membership fee is:

for individuals & families: € 25,-/p.a.
for associations or institutions: € 75,-/p.a.


What will this money be used for?

We will use your financial contribution responsibly in accordance with the statutes.

  • it will enable us to proceed with our research work.
  • You are stating "yes, this topics important to me / us!"
  • We would financially support therapeutic treatment for persons affected (parents, children, families, adults...) and /or
  • promote studies on concrete requests.
  • We guarantee that your suggestion will be passed on anonymously to the topic pool of the SFU.
  • Students will be stimulated by your contribution to find individual solutions for specific problems.

We believe in this project - we can watch in growing - please have confidence in us.



Waltraud Wiesinger - BA.pth., Psychotherapist
Privatpraxis für systemische Psychotherapie
1230 Wien, Josef-Österreicher-Gasse 17
Tel. 01 / 865 11 09
E-mail: familien.therapie@aon.at
Alfred Pritz - Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult.
Rector of the Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität (SFU)
Campus Prater, Freudplatz 1, 1020 Wien
Tel: +43 (0)1 798 40 98
e-Mail: office@sfu.ac.at


A sincere “Thank You” to the supporters

Grafixound Advertising Agency www.grafixound.com
Ilja Kade www.heilmassage-praxis.at
Vesna Opric, in training to Doctor's Assistance with diploma,
     financial head of this association