Invitation to participate:
Waltraud Wiesinger-Research Promotion Prize.
The award includes prize money.

The scientific advisory council of the Sigmund Freud PrivateUniversity will award this prize for an outstanding, practice-oriented scientific work,

  • which contributes to the improvement of the situation of people with congenital heart defects and their families and systems, and
  • enhances the professional competence of psychotherapists in this context.

Both tasks are required to be completed.


Formal Process

  1. The scientific work (according to the formal guidelines - download on the left hand side). Including academic CV and photo must be submitted per e-mail to the Waltraud Wiesinger-Research Promoting Association: office@wiesinger-forschungsfoerderung.eu.
  2. The scientific work submitted must be written in German or English and must comprise at least 15 - 20 pages, as well as an abstract in German and English.
  3. The scientific work must not be published or submitted for publication prior to the possible granting of the Waltraud Wiesinger-Research Promoting Prize.
  4. The work must be submitted to the Waltraud Wiesinger-Research Promoting Association on time.
  5. Upon submission, the author permits the Waltraud Wiesinger-Research Promoting Association to publish the scientific work or excerpts thereof on the website of the Association - www.wiesinger-forschungsfoerderung.eu - and/or in print.
  6. The academic advisory council of the SFU will award the prize. The council consists of the following people: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jutta Fiegl and Univ.-Ass. Dr. Kathrin Mörtl. The academic advisory council makes a decision within 4 weeks. The prize may also be shared, if no work is explicitly better.

Participants in this competition are expected from all over Europe.