“I support new ideas if they extend the research in the science of psychotherapy and result in findings that can be incorporated in the practice of the methods of psychotherapy.”

Dr. Alfred Pritz, Rector SFU

The Sigmund Freud PrivateUniversity (SFU) takes up the promotion of research for people with congenital heart defects.

Psycho-cardiology is an important and specialized field within psychotherapy - as well as in medicine.

Along the same lines as Hoffmann and Hochapfel (2009) the SFU considers psychosomatics as a multi-dimensional field on three levels:

  • Psychosomatic as an interdisciplinary research discipline, examines the biological, psychological and social determinants of health and illness;
  • The professional attitude to psychosomatics of health-experts in relevant institutions, who have mad in their mission to use and understand a holistic approach in the framework of a modern systems medicine;
  • Psychosomatics as a set of specific clinical offers for somatic-psychological, psychogenic and organic illnesses with psychic side effects, to comprise a diversity of medical and psychotherapeutic interventions.

To get answers for your enquiries please contact Univ.-Ass. Dr. Kathrin Mörtl. She is a human biologist, psychologist with post-doc-degree at York-University in Toronto and maintains cooperation with the University Clinic für Psychosomatic and Psychotherapy in Ulm, Germany.

She is a Psychotherapist in training under supervision.

Over and above she is Vice-Decan in Faculty of Psychotherapist Sciences (PTW) at SFU Vienna.
The institute of Psychosomatics at the Faculty PTW Vienna focuses also with somatic disorders and its effects in interaction on mind.

Research deals with:

  • health and illness with a focus on biological, mental and social factors,
  • the multifaceted measures that are required in the case of somatic-psycho, psycho-somatic and organic disorders with mental side-effects and that should be agreed upon by medical, psychotherapeutic and social professionals,
  • the attitude of the experts in health professions in accordance with modern system medicine.
  • The focal point is the ill person, who is respected in her/his competence and must be accepted as the leading actress/actor of her/his life.


“We want to encourage you to carry out research work and will support you in doing so. Any project dealing with congenital heart defects can be submitted to the Waltraud Wiesinger- Research Promoting Prize competition”.

If you are interested in participating or have specific questions, please get in touch directly via e-mail to: kathrin.moertl@sfu.ac.at